Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Adventure: DC!

So its always few and far between that I update this thing, but I figured now was a good time to do so, considering its been a very crazy time lately!

Quick update:

This year has been a fun one, after Southeast asia with clarice and elena (which was AMAZING fun):

Moto riding on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Junk Boat 3 day trip on Halong Bay
Elena and Clarice and I in a "tuk tuk" (asian taxis) in Phomn Phen, Cambodia

Elena being silly in the temples at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

In front of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

This is Clarice ziplining in Laos from our treehouse (5 stories high!)

These two were my old roommates in sydney that we ran into in Vang Vieng, Laos! (very small village)
Our first meal in laos...we thought it was potatoes in there, but once we got a closer look it was a CHICKEN HEAD! AH! Tree house we ziplined into that we stayed in while in Laos Tubing in the caves in laos! (this is clarice, not me)

Crazy asian lack of laws. she was so cute though!

Bottle Beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand (this is the beach i met my brothers on)
Floating river markets near Bangkok, Thailand
Sailing off of Kao Samui, Thailand Cooking Classes in Chaing Mai, Thailand

Snorkling off the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Leaving Koh Phi Phi Island, Thailand
Temple in Bangkok
Elephant riding by river Kwai
I went back to sydney for a quick minute before comin back to the states for Laura's wedding!

Unfortunately during my trek back, I had a not so fun hospital visit due to contaminated water in malaysia (thats a crazy story in itself, some of you know already). But all good now! Had lots of people praying and great friends and family taking great care of me :)

So since june I have been working at Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery in Dallas and little did i know how famous of a bakery it was before i started....

In recent news, I am moving to Washington DC next week for a job with a travel company! Its called STA Travel . And I could not be more excited!! Its basically my dream job right now. I get to help plan and book peoples trips!! Its on George Washington University Campus. :)

Don't worry people, just because I have a grown up job now and don't sell (and mostly just eat) lost of cupcakes, doesn't mean i'm going to stop traveling! Clarice and I are going to backpack the west coast of australia in march, and hopefully our other friend elena (who we did southeast asia with) will be joining us :) I am liking the tradition we're starting of backpacking together once a year!

And other fun news, the first weekend I am in DC, the Colbert rally and John Stewart rally are going on, and some of my friends are flying in for it and we are all dressing up as the characters from hook :)

So thats it for now! till next time! sorry this ended up being more of a picture blog than anything!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Beginning of the End

just a quick update.

my mom came to visit (so much fun!) we got to go to melbourne and see the great ocean road and bike riding in manly and more fun adventures :)

just chillin on the 12 apostles

i leave for South east asia in 11 days (EKK!) and have fun little things before that to do :). i go to surf camp wednesday to friday 3 hours north of sydney in Seal's Rock (we will see how THAT goes), then going to Mudgee for a 3 day country and wine trip with Rich then off on my trip!

it doesnt feel like i am done with australia, maybe because im not going straight home, but i will miss sydney, i've meet some amazing people and got to see some amazing things, but im excited to be home as well. i get to be a part of whats going to be my favorite friend's wedding!! and i'm already bummed i have missed some of the wedding hooplah and planning so im very pumped about all that as soon as i land! :) and seeing everyone. i miss my lubbock family and my dallas family. miss monday night dinners at the carmacks, bon giorno coffee, mexican food (that cannot be stressed enough), my dogs (which i find annoying at most times until i see them on skype looking cuddly and cute), driving my car and being able to sing along to the radio (bc singing along to my ipod in the streets here is obviously a little odd) and most of all, my family! this summer, i will be able to hang out with not just my parents and brian, but my older brother kyle who will be back from dubai. this year has been so amazing so far and each year keeps getting better :)

p.s. i am looking for overseas volunteer opportunites for when i get back so if anyone has anything that might be up that ally please send it my way! :)

oh and these were my pretty aussie valentine's day flowers :)

i will miss conveyor belts of sushi everywhere

what im going to miss most about australia

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010


So this is a bit overdue, but i won't be writing for a while because my mama comes to visit on thursday! So thought i should now :)

2009 went by so fast i cant believe its already 2010! when i think about what all has happened in a years time its unreal. I officially believe that at this point in my life, 2009 has been the best year thus far:

I graduate college,

got to go to dublin for spring break with some great friends,

a good friend went into a coma and beat the odds everyday and survived (amazing story, he is a living miracle) This was on my birthday, i got to see him for the first time since he's woken up

moved to Australia and met some incredible people and have gotten to visit some amazing places while here

(new years eve fireworks over the harbor)
and my best friend from kid days is getting married and i get to be her maid of honor! (still excited, sorry if its mentioned in every post...well, not that sorry!)

2010 is going to be amazing and i am sure it will be even better than the last year. i have learned so much and feel like so much has changed in just a years time. this march i get to go to south east asia with my roommate out here from england named elena, and with my friend from texas (clarice) who is meeting us in bangkok! We are traveling through thailand, laos, vietnam, cambodia, malaysia, and singapore. I.CANT.WAIT!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Joyeux Noël!

Amazing View From Lavender Bay

Merry Christmas to everyone!

It is a little strange going to the beach and being in the heat during december, i'll admit. And Australia definately doesnt celebrate christmas like home. Everywhere you go at home there is christmas music and decorations, but not here. So sad! But we are doing an aussie christmas here with my roommates, and going to a "barbie" then christmas evening having a dinner here. wont be the same!

Well here are some updates here and at home:

This is my new house (the blue one) and my room is the one from the upstairs balcony

This was from Thanksgiving Feast at Rich's

The boys carving the Turkey

This is my french roommate, Margaux, from Paris whom i love!

This is our christmas tree :)

And our "Fairy Lights"

This is from a Christmas Harbour Cruise with the American organization I came over with

Christmas in Oz....

And this is a shirt that Margaux and Elena gave me, it says "you speak french?" i realize that this picture is backwards (i took it with my webcam), so sorry! They gave me this gift because at the moment i am trying to learn french! So far so good, but its getting harder...I have changed my facebook to french and practice daily with Margaux so we'll see :)

and in other news...... LAURA IS ENGAGED TO RYAN MAXWELL! She will be MRS. Maxwell in July of 2010 :) we have talked about our wedding days and what not when we were younger and as we got older and i cant believe her day is finally here! Its hard to believe how fast time goes. She is marrying an amazing man and I am so happy for the two of them. And I have the exciting role of her maid of honor! I cannot express how happy i am for these two love birds and can't wait until july :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Switching things UP

So its been a crazy couple of weeks lately.

First off, I got a second job for a company called Pinnacle. Its a Hospitality and Tourism company, basically a second job for most that work there. So they are the company that is hired for functions or concerts or events. So its a here and there kind of work, you just pick up whatever work you want when you're available, so perfect! I should start this week :)

Second, I am moving into a cute terrace house! :) You can take a look here

My good friend Elena (who used to live in my apartment) moved to perth and last minute decided to come back! So she booked a flight that day and the next day she arrived and we found a place! very last minute. It has a cute balcony on the second floor from our room! :)
So in less than two weeks, elena victoria and I will be sharing a house with 4 other people. And here is my new address for anyone who wants to send anything! :)

69 Rose Street
Chippendale, NSW 2008

Also, there is a really cool movie that my church here has released and its going to be playing world wide, its a documentary on poverty, and everyone should go see it! I saw it will be playing at the tinsletown in grapevine so go! go! heres the site if anyone wants to read up on it

I hope everyone is having a great time at home and everywhere else and i'm missing everyone this christmas season! ta ta for now!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


This entry is soley devoted to the lingo I have noticed here.

You can be in an english speaking country and sometimes have NO IDEA WHAT THEY'RE SAYING.

But you catch on, and some sticks :)

1. No worries.....this is seriously somehow in every conversation i have with someone out here.
2. Avro ..meaning afternoon such as "i'll see you tomorrow arvo"
3. Lets have a barbie! bring your eskie with stubbies....AKA lets have a barbeque and bring your cooler of beer
4. Bottle'o...meaning liquor store
5. "off his face" meaning very drunk
6. Goon...meaning box wine (not recommended)
7. Notes = paper money
8. fair dinkum = the real deal
9. HEAPS!...or bunches
10. "i reckon" ...which im surprised i hear it more here than in texas
11. Brekkie = breakfast
12. tomato sauce.... NOT ketchup here...and certainly doesnt taste as good
13. "out in the bush"...out in the boondocks
14. cotton candy here is Fairy floss?!
15. you call people from New Zealand a KIWI...still havent figured that one out
16. Prawns are Shrimp
17. Thongs are flip flops
18. and tim tams are the best cookie desert EVER. (not lingo but it MUST be said)
19. "how ya going?"...aka whats up, how are you
20.and one of my least favorite analogies.... "taking the piss out of you"...aka making fun of you or just messin with you

thats all. so to be continued!